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JULY 9, 2010
A few weeks ago I returned from a trip to eastern China, and will soon be making my way to Nashville, TN. Many photos to come soon!

Welcome to my portfolio. Feel free to look around as this portfolio develops
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I'm a graphic designer and photographer working in the Philadelphia area. I am a student at the University of the Arts,
pursuing my BFA in graphic design. I have great interest in typeface and information design, but I love the challenge of
working in many different situations. I have worked on interfaces, watercolor illustrations, screen printing, sound design,
and woodworking, among others. Rather than designing just a book cover or a poster, I work to communicate what
needs to be said, making sure that what a viewer sees is what the project was intending to project.

Aside from design and photography, I spend a lot of my time as a musician and home recorder. I play guitar, bass guitar,
drums, mountain dulcimer, and some piano. I have been recording music for as long as I have been playing, and enjoy
producing music from my bedroom recording studio.

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